Free 3D Resources for Cinema 4D.

Free 3D Resources for Cinema 4D.


I often find myself short of time when creating an image.
Creating shaders and models from scratch can be quite timeconsuming, especially when you're trying to focus on your scene and get that atmosphere just right!

In my personal case, by the time I've set my shader's color-, reflectance-, normal-, diffusion-, transparency- and/or displacementmap,
I'm halfway through my creative commute to/from work and need to rush myself to get some output for the following day.
Combine that with custom 3D modelling and that 1,5 hour of so-called creativity has yielded absolutely nothing.

Free 3D Resources - Shaders and 3D Models.

However, luckily for me and many others, you can find a huge array of free high-quality preset assets online.

Here's a summation of online resources I frequently browse, reducing the time setting up technicalities so I can focus on giving my renders real production value.



C4DCenter - 4K textures

William Willoughby is a graphic designer from Fort Lauderdale, Florida who found his niche in the 3D Community as a Texture Artist using Substance Designer.
He began to create custom shaders from Substance Designer in Cinema 4D and is now giving them out for free.

You can browse through his vast collection here :

Google Earth Pro + Materialize.exe

What's to gain from GE you say?
Few people know you can download high-resolution satellite imagery from GE (up to 4800x3256!).
Zoom in on the type of landscape you need and hit 'Save image'.
Select the resolution of your choice (might as well pick the highest) and you're set.

Materialize.exe is a stand alone tool for creating materials in games from images.
It is completely free for use and lets you create a complete material (normal-, displacement-, ..maps) in just a few clicks.

This is where it all comes together.
Zoom in on, let's say, Texas, download the image, convert using Materializer and your highly detailled dusty desert setting is all set in just a few clicks.
Throw in some Austrialian Outback or the salty flats in Utah!
Time to get creative.




On you will undoubtedly find what you are looking for.
You can filter on the type of file you prefer (.fbx,.obj,.c4d,..and/or the type of object you're looking for (furniture, houses, cars, animals,...).
No registration needed, just go online and get your assets!



Similar to you can almost find anything here.
They also have a huge paid section.

Mixamo - Rigged Characters.

You can download characters all you want but if they aren't rigged there's only that much you can do with them.
Unless you're going to rig them yourself, which isn't really the goal of this post.

Mixamo is a 3D computer graphics company based in San Francisco that develops and sells web-based services for 3D character animation.

On Mixamo you can combine preset characters with preset character animations and download them for free after signing in ... for free ;-)
Their library is vast and the quality of the animations is incredible.



3DWarehouse formerly known as Google Warehouse is packed with 3D models modellerd in Google Sketchup.
Needless to say you can find a lot of architectural stuff like furniture, lighting fixtures, cars, food, ...